“Spring Break 2018 in Italy”

Another year, another chance to travel to Italy! Don’t miss out the first big Calendar chance to visit Italy and its Beauty for “Spring Break” this year 2018!

Dates are already out there, most of you have between March 30th and April 8th as a big window of time to pick your days to stay on the Italian Peninsula. Pick your long weekend and tell us what you dream to do, Touring Italy is here to make your dream trip to Italy come true, and meet your highest expectations.

On top of that, Spring Break is awesome to enjoy […]

“Land Tours & Transfers”

People keep asking us “What do you offer” or “What are your services” and we gladly reply that our efficient, growing and smart company, Touring Italy, specializes in so called LAND TOURS.

This wide definition sums up all the private transfer that you can imagine from/to every airport, port, station or hotel in Italy, as well as PRIVATE TOURS & SHORE EXCURSIONS in every part of Italy.

Our private drivers are licensed, professional, English speaker, knowledgable and with great vans, cars, and buses.

Touring Italy though, not only can provide you […]

“Private Tour: Paestum with Lunch and Shopping”

Enjoy a 7-hours day of exploring Paestum a major ancient Greek city on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The ruins of Paestum are famous for their three ancient Greek temples in the Doric order, dating from about 600 to 450 BC. A private driver will meet you at the port of Salerno or anywhere else in the area of Campania that you require and take you on a journey through the ruins.

Meet your private driver at the exit of the Salerno port at approximately 9:30am. From there, begin your 30-minute drive to your […]

“Italian Opera”

Touring Italy is always full of initiatives and always ready to offer new events to you, dear follower, at a better price.

When you think of Italy, among the other amazing things or people we have or have had in the History, there are some that belong to the world, as the most talented Opera and Classic music, such as Verdi, Puccini, Vivaldi, Pavarotti and many others.

Now is time for Opera, as its season it’s about to start in a few days in Rome, but don’t worry, it’ll last enough time for your  already planned vacation […]

“Relaxing Summer on a wonderful beach in Sardinia”


It has been pointed out to us, we should tell our followers more about the magic big Italian island of Sardinia.

Well, here we are gladly accepting this advice of speaking about a really enchanting place full of History and Nature.

It goes without saying that the best period to visit, is definitely Summer.

If you go to Sardinia for a week, you’d be spending at least half day on incredibly beautiful, wild beaches, swimming in a super – clear water that has nothing less than Carribbean Sea.

If you like also exploring the places you visit and be a […]

Capri – “Blue grotto”

The most common excursion while on the fancy island of Capri, is now available with Touring Italy, with a convenient discount for groups up  to 6 people.

Book with your friends and pay 15% less on the total amount.

It is going to be an experience totally worth it!

For more information, visit the dedicated page on our website or even contact us, we’ll be here for you.

Touring Italy wants the best for you.



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“The Sistine Chapel”


The most excellent piece of art on Earth. The most famous chapel in the world. Adjectives are never enough to describe this magnificence.

If you saw this with your own eyes, you would definitely realize, that we are not exaggeriting!

Save time and money, and most important, skip the tiresome line that preceds the entrance gate of the “Vatican museums”.

Book also your personal guide with Touring Italy.

We make your life easier.


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