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Discover centuries of history.

We all have certain things we look for when we plan a vacation, but if culture is your main attraction, look no further than Italy. Steeped in history, Italy’s cities can satisfy the hardest-to-please culture maven, with more museums, galleries, art and architecture than can be explored in a lifetime.

Probably one of the oldest country on earth, and you can tell that even at your first glance.

Everywhere you go, you can find something from centuries and centuries ago.

What is interesting is that history in Italy is not  monotonous at all, because we have had in the past a lot of people coming over, overruling the Peninsula. From the Greeks in the sixth century B.C. , to Etruscan, Romans, the medieval time, the Italian Renaissance, until the last century with the two World War and nowadays.

Especially from Rome all the way to Sicily is a non- stop open air museum made of churches, temples, ruins, paintings, streets and old buildings.

The only matter here for you is choosing where to go and how, but that is also why we are here to help you planning your visit, based on your history interests.

Do not hesitate, come over to the “Old Boot”, and find out more about its fascinating millennial  history.