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“Land Tours & Transfers”

People keep asking us “What do you offer” or “What are your services” and we gladly reply that our efficient, growing and smart company, Touring Italy, specializes in so called LAND TOURS.

This wide definition sums up all the private transfer that you can imagine from/to every airport, port, station or hotel in Italy, as well as PRIVATE TOURS & SHORE EXCURSIONS in every part of Italy.

Our private drivers are licensed, professional, English speaker, knowledgable and with great vans, cars, and buses.

Touring Italy though, not only can provide you […]

“Escorted tour”

If you are at home with your family or partner, troubling yourselves thinking what, where and how to tour Italy, stop concerning about it, and hire a travel professional to do it for you!

Touring Italy specializes in customization of tours and vacations for customers that wish to enjoy and discover the beauty of Italy thoughts – free.

Whether it is your first time in Italy, or you are a returning traveler, whether you are traveling for a week, for a weekend or for a 2/3 weeks, you could still use some help. Touring Italy not only will help you […]

“Cooking classes”

It’s not because everybody’s doing it right now, it’s not because it’s trendy, it’s not because Italy’s very rich of great food, but we do it because we have gotten the best.

Book your exclusive and personal cooking class with Touring Italy, and you will be amazed by the creativity of our chefs from “Gambero rosso” restaurants.

You learn, you have fun, you cook, you eat and you bring it home! Not only the food, but you bring home with you an unforgettable experience, a great memory and a true knowledge about Italian food […]

“Mozzarella cheese: making demonstration”


While touring in Sorrento, we have always taken enough time to stop by in this magnificent farm on the top of the hill, but just two minutes away from the city center. Why? For many reasons actually.

First of all, you get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the gulf of Naples;

second, it’s really a great homemade food, and you can tell that because the whole farm it’s a family business;

third,  they produce their own oil, wine, limoncello, cheese, mozzarella cheese, ricotta, tomatoes, basel and bread, which are all going to be on your table;

last […]

Cooking classes

slow food

If food is one of your biggest passion, if stepping into a fast food makes you nervous, if you think that one of Italy’s main attraction/quality is its own world-wide known food, if you have coverted yourself to the “Slow food- religion” or you simply enjoy eating healthy, delicious, tasty Italian products, Touring Italy has the right thing for you: a cooking class!

Save money, instead of eating in a regular restaurant, treat yourself with an unique experience, where you get to eat what you’ve created and be amazingly proud of yourself.

Get in touch with […]