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It means love.

Verona, the most famous love story on earth took place in this cute, lovable, fascinating city in the north of Italy. Verona is home to one of the largest Roman amphitheaters still in existence, and the annual “Arena di Verona Opera Festival” is known worldwide. Verona itself is a historic marvel, blending medieval architecture with that of the Renaissance and ancient Rome. Verona is cold during winter, but nice weather from spring to fall is ensured. Verona is also Romeo and Juliet, the kind of love who breaks boundaries, social conventions and habits. There must be a reason why it happened right here. Come and see Juliet’s house, or at least her balcony from where she used to see her beloved Romeo. After that, enjoy a glass of white wine in one of the bars or restaurants in the “Piazza”, or taste “Grappa”, a liquor made in this very region of Italy: Veneto.

Inclusions: guide
Optional: museums, restaurants, hotel, driver.