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Speaking of Veneto, how can you miss Venice?

Come on tell me! Venice’s a magic city, unlike any others. Venice’s the most romantic city! There’s no city in the world such as Venice. Venice’s definitely unique. A perfectly preserved island city. Water is everywhere in Venice, and it is shaped like a fish. Venice was built over a lagoon, you basically walk on it. In Venice you will realize that houses, buildings are built on it. It would take at least a day to visit Venice, but if you have less time, a coffee break in “Piazza San Marco” and a ride on a gondola won’t take you so long. Connoisseurs of culture will find no shortage of attractions in Venice, including the “Piazza San Marco” and its famed church. While touring Venice, lavish old churches and buildings will literally enchant you. For art lovers, Venice boasts a number of galleries, including the Palazzo “Grassi” and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Include Venice in your  bucket list while touring Italy since there are many ways to get there. The city of Venice, it might seem a paradox, is well served by an international airport and a railway station. You might also have Venice on your itinerary, cruising the Mediterranean, so booking an Italian guide won’t be expansive.

Inclusions: guide
Optional: museums, restaurants, hotel, driver, gondola ride.