Three cities in a week - Escorted Tour

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 Three cities in a week
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Among the greatest emotions that can be experienced with Touring Italy, are without doubt, those afforded by setting out on a journey.

And a journey with Touring Italy, is precisely what we would like to offer to all those wishing to take on the arduous challenge of getting to know Italy and its beauty, its riches.

The views are breathtaking, the heart feels the most extreme sensations and the souls exists in harmony with the surroundings: this is what Italy can offer its travelers.

Italy allows life to be lived to the full, with its soft hills, green valleys and mountains with ancient towns at the top: all of this is bound together by art, culture and the landscape.

Enjoy and relax using a  luxury villa as your home-base,  while  still touring around.

A week vacation is just what you deserve! 7 nights and 8 days out visiting marvelous cities is just the right time to have a little deeper understanding of Italy, its people and its culture. Don’t be afraid to contact us as many time you need on our LIVE CHAT on and/or via email at, we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Inclusions: driver/guide, hotels
Optional: restaurants, museums, events, concerts, spa.

*Please note this service might come as “Escorted luxury tour” if required.