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Naples, the two faces city, as I would call it. Kissed by Mother Nature from the beginning, founded by the Greeks during the sixth century B.C. , an important culture center during Romans, dominated by all the people of the Mediterranean throughout history, it makes it a truly melting pot of culture, arts and language. Culture lovers can visit the Naples Cathedral — better known as the Duomo — and countless churches, castles, palaces and monasteries. Do not dare missing a lunch with pizza in the historic center or on the boarding walk. If you happen to hear bad reviews about it on the internet, I am sure it’s from people who visited it knowing nothing. We’re here to make your day in Naples something hard to forget. A nice tour in Naples walking around is recommended from Christmas to Summer it doesn’t matter, but just be with someone from our staff to guide you, it’s going to be totally worth it. This is an half day tour and it lasts 4 hours. Of course, as all the tours and the excursions provided by Touring Italy, the visit of Naples can be extended or shortened, as we always tailor made your vacation to your needs.

Inclusions: guide
Optional: lunch in a “Pizzeria”, driver, museum’s tickets.