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“Civita di Bagnoregio”

Civita di Bagnoregio is a town in central Italy.

It was founded by Etruscans over twenty-five hundred years ago but has seen its population dwindle to just fifteen residents over the course of the 20th century.

The town is famous for its position atop of a friable and volcanic hill. The population today varies from about 12 people in winter to over 100 in the summer.

Touring Italy wants you to visit it, perhaps on your way driving from Rome to Florence, it’d be a nice pit-stop.

Touring Italy, make sure you do not miss […]

“Happy birthday to Italy”


Today, March 17th,  is Italy’s 153rd birthday!

Our beloved country, that so many times has made us proud of being Italian, although the tough economic-politic impasse that we’ve reached, has still a privileged spot in our hearts.

Touring Italy wants to celebrate with everyone of you, who kindly follow us, this special day with a special offer.

Book a tour or an excursion this very day, and pay 20% less than the original price.

Touring Italy loves its country, and loves who loves it too […]

“Movie tour in Naples”


Who loves movies, who likes their scenarios, who wants to know more about them, is kindly invited to be on a exclusive tour specifically designed by Touring Italy.

Touring Italy invites you to visit Naples, given that its peculiar predisposition for hosting movies and tv series of all kinds in the last few decades. Its natural beauty has given filmakers awesome chances to shoot, and apparently they took it.

Explore the places with an expert guide, get to know what happened when they filmed it, and how it was all arranged at the time of shooting.

Discover all the curiosities […]

“Shopping – fashion tour in Italy”


Touring Italy has the duty to enumerate and praise one of Italy’s most important feature: fashion.

If you’re crazy about it, you would definitely come here just for this very reason,  and would get a personal shopper with a private driver to be escorted from Rome to Milan through Florence.

If you’re just interested in shopping, you would get a guide to be brought after the cultural/historic tour, for a couple of hours to the most important shops of every world-wide known Italian brands we got, either you’re in Rome, Florence, Verona or Milan […]

“Kayaking on the Amalfi Coast”


When on vacation, do you relax more just laying in the sun and doing nothing, or do you enjoy better to experience, do something cool, something good for your body and mental wellness?

If you belong to the second category mentioned above, Touring Italy suggests you to go kayaking while on the astonishing Amalfi coast.

Choose a guide to get explanations about places you go to, or to be instructed how to kayak, or just go by yourself if you feel secure of what you’re doing.

This amazing experience besides the best view of the cliffside, can give you […]

“Canonisation of Giovanni XXIII and Giovanni Paolo II”


We of  Touring Italy, don’t believe in a divided world, from religion, culture or the color of the skin, instead we truly believe that such a celebration of two amazing Popes deserves the attention of everyone, not just Christians.

Though never a picture has been more explicative of what’s going on in Rome the 27th of April this year!

Don’t be scared of crowd, it looks worse than it is actually. When at the Vatican for these major events, such as the Canonisation of two incredible Popes from the recent past, everyone gets his own spot to […]



Parthenope: The name of a siren who, in desperation at not seducing Ulysses with her voice, threw herself into the sea and died.

That’s still a good example of Naples character! Nestled between history and legend, Naples nowadays is one of the “Must visit” while in Italy.

Perfectly well- served with an international airport and a renovated railway station, Naples is the former capital of the “Regno delle due Sicilie”, which expanded itself over the south before Italy got together as one country. But Naples history goes back until sixth century B.C. when was founded by Greeks, or […]

“Italy’s not a State, but a state of mind”


If you are someone that wants to know more, that is never happy just looking at things and their surfaces, that travels with the intention of discovering the unknown, that is thrilled at the idea of visiting new places that are usually not found on most common touristy paths, then Touring Italy has got to be your choice to travel to Italy.

Today, we need you to know that down the south, there is a magical rocky town: Matera.

Matera has been the scenario of numerous movies, as it represents exactly how life used to be lived years ago.

When […]