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“Escorted luxury tour”


Whether you are with your partner, friends, family, relatives, colleaugues, and want to experience a totally new way of travel and discovery, choose Touring Italy for its “Three cities in a week” package, and enjoy this gorgeous “Escorted luxury tour” with someone from Touring Italy’s staff with you, at your disposal H24, should you need any assistance.

Rome – Florence – Venice is the most common chosen path, but you can make up one on your own, it doesn’t matter for us.

A week with us, will give you a stronger impact on Italy’s culture, language, art and history […]

“Three cities in a week”


Touring Italy is proud to find out itself, that the “Most sold” package tour destination of 2014, so far has been “Three cities in a week”.

As described in our tour section in this very website, we do believe it is the best way to go around Italy, and let yourself be amazed by this wonderful country.

“Three cities in a week” in fact, allows you to get a deeper understanding of Italian’s culture, it is a family and kids friendly tour, it is relaxing and fun.

When you book a tour like this, it means you won’t […]

“Relaxing Summer on a wonderful beach in Sardinia”


It has been pointed out to us, we should tell our followers more about the magic big Italian island of Sardinia.

Well, here we are gladly accepting this advice of speaking about a really enchanting place full of History and Nature.

It goes without saying that the best period to visit, is definitely Summer.

If you go to Sardinia for a week, you’d be spending at least half day on incredibly beautiful, wild beaches, swimming in a super – clear water that has nothing less than Carribbean Sea.

If you like also exploring the places you visit and be a […]

“Cheap weekend in a countryside agritourism”


Would you like to relax in one of the numerous beautiful agritourism in the coutryside, somewhere in Italy?

Well then, you just have to choose among the ones that best meet your interests and desires.

If you book a double room for at least two nights this month of April, Touring Italy is very glad to give you the best rates on the market.

Good deals and cheap prices, that’s what this offer is all about.

Enjoy the re – open of their swimming – pools, a horse to ride, a stroll in a vineyard perhaps, or a massage in an […]

“Trieste’s having a Color Run in May”


On a probably sunny Saturday, the 24th of May this year, Trieste is hosting one of the most funny event of the last few years: a “Color Run”.

Only one key word to participate: FUN!

No need of troubling yourself on how you look for once, on the contrary, paint your face and your body, and go running in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Trieste.

Located on the very north-east coast of Italy, on the border with Slovenia, Trieste has been for centuries a true melting – pot of cultures, religions and people coming from all over […]

“Last days of hotels at a discount”


If you hurry, you will catch this very good offer of booking an hotel in Italy with a 20% discount, only through Touring Italy.

Another bunch of days, just until March 31st (included) to make sure you get your beautiful place to stay while in Italy.

Touring Italy offers you a huge variety of Hotels, in fact through us you might find your B&B, but also your five stars luxury hotel of your dream.

There’s no difference, every each of them has a 20% discount for another few days, only with Touring Italy.

Touring Italy, what else […]

“Sightjogging in Rome”


If you like to be in the know of Italy, if you always want to be up to date, Touring Italy’s certainly doing this job very well.

Today, Touring Italy suggests a new initiative in Rome,  to go sightjogging with a professional runner in “The Eternal City”.

Having a local trainer with you is the best way to visit new places and stay healthy.

Touring Italy needs just 24 hours of notice to reserve one for you.

Sightjogging is a fun way to do some work-out also when you’re on vacation, and you get to see many […]

“Visit Italy like an Italian”


Touring Italy wants its beloved customers to enjoy this gorgeous country with the eyes of an Italian.

The newest travel frontier is in fact, to experience the places you go to, like a local person.

Touring Italy doesn not want you to be eating in a touristy restaurant with a sad pre-established menu.

Touring Italy, as the logo says too, wants the best for you while visiting Italy. How do we do that? By giving you tours with the best local multilingual speaking guides that only care about your happiness.

Discovering a new culture while travelling abroad, is one […]