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“Picasso in Sorrento”


Touring Italy always cares about Art, and always keeps up with the major events in this magnificent country.

From the 30th of May, until the 12th of October this year, Sorrento is hosting an exhibit of one of the most talented and famous artist of the twentieth century: PICASSO.

If you book a vacation, or an excursion with Touring Italy that includes Sorrento, Touring Italy will provide you tickets for the show for free.

Touring Italy  takes your vacation beyond the wildest expectations […]

“Celebrate Easter with Touring Italy”


This year let’s celebrate Easter with your favourite travel company in Italy, and take advantage of an incredibly generous offer on every kind of request that will take place in the next 48 hours, starting from now!!

Send us an inquiry via email at touringitaly.org@gmail.com and write in the subject: “Happy Easter”.

Automatically you will get a 100$ bonus to spend in the next 6 months from the moment of your request.

Touring Italy wishes you all a very happy Easter with your beloved ones […]

“Italian Opera”

Italian Opera House

Touring Italy is always full of initiatives and always ready to offer new events to you, dear follower, at a better price.

When you think of Italy, among the other amazing things or people we have or have had in the History, there are some that belong to the world, as the most talented Opera and Classic music, such as Verdi, Puccini, Vivaldi, Pavarotti and many others.

Now is time for Opera, as its season it’s about to start in a few days in Rome, but don’t worry, it’ll last enough time for your  already planned vacation […]

“Gods’ Pathway”

Gods pathway

If you think that visiting the Amalfi coast is the regular summer – beach vacation, well, we’re very sorry to inform you that you are wrong.

Visiting the Amalfi coast of course could be a relaxing experience even just laying on a beach somewhere along its spectacular creeks, but also if you wonder what to do instead of laying in the sun all day, drinking cocktails, wine rather than eating local seafood, we’ve got something just right for you: Gods’ Pathway.

Gods’ Pathway is becoming more and more popular each year, with people coming over on purpose on the […]

“Catania – Mount Etna – Taormina”

catania - mount etna - taormina

If you trust Touring Italy to plan your desired trip to Italy, trust us also on the suggestion of visiting Sicily for at least a bunch of days, or better for a week.

Go beyond the world – wide known label that smears Sicily as just the land of Mafia, and be open to discover instead, what Sicily really is: a paradise.

Sicily is the mother – land of “Granita”, “Arancine”, gelato,”Cannoli” and so many other exquisites pastries or specialites, but more important Sicily offers a wide range of attractions for every type of travelers.

In fact Sicily is full of […]

“Escorted luxury tour”

escorted luxury tour

Whether you are with your partner, friends, family, relatives, colleaugues, and want to experience a totally new way of travel and discovery, choose Touring Italy for its “Three cities in a week” package, and enjoy this gorgeous “Escorted luxury tour” with someone from Touring Italy’s staff with you, at your disposal H24, should you need any assistance.

Rome – Florence – Venice is the most common chosen path, but you can make up one on your own, it doesn’t matter for us.

A week with us, will give you a stronger impact on Italy’s culture, language, art and history […]

“Three cities in a week”


Touring Italy is proud to find out itself, that the “Most sold” package tour destination of 2014, so far has been “Three cities in a week”.

As described in our tour section in this very website, we do believe it is the best way to go around Italy, and let yourself be amazed by this wonderful country.

“Three cities in a week” in fact, allows you to get a deeper understanding of Italian’s culture, it is a family and kids friendly tour, it is relaxing and fun.

When you book a tour like this, it means you won’t […]

“Relaxing Summer on a wonderful beach in Sardinia”


It has been pointed out to us, we should tell our followers more about the magic big Italian island of Sardinia.

Well, here we are gladly accepting this advice of speaking about a really enchanting place full of History and Nature.

It goes without saying that the best period to visit, is definitely Summer.

If you go to Sardinia for a week, you’d be spending at least half day on incredibly beautiful, wild beaches, swimming in a super – clear water that has nothing less than Carribbean Sea.

If you like also exploring the places you visit and be a […]