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“St. Patrick’s day in Italy”


Who said Italians don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

Of course it’s not part of our ancient origins or roots, it’s definitely something new for us, like Halloween for example.

But who really wants to travel, finds always a good excuse to do so, right?

This year, we offer you a long weekend of three nights, at the price of two, at any major Italian city.

When you travel, do it right. Do it, with Touring Italy […]

“Carnival in Venice”


AS we’ve promised you all, Touring Italy doesn’t miss the most exclusive events of the year.
Here’s an example, through this beatiful picture, of how different is to celebrate the Carnival in Venice for once.
The luxury, the food, the art, the culture are just amazing!
You get to experience how the Italian high society used to celebrate it back in the 18th century; the ostentation, the pomp, the splendour of living in clover, reached its peak during the Carnival.
2015 is already around the corner, don’t waste time thinking about it, just book it!
Touring […]

“True Neapolitan pizza”


It’s surely a commonplace and we don’t mean to be repetitive, but among the experiences that one has in life, this is certainly a “Must do”: eat the Neapolitan pizza.

Touring Italy is here again to help you. You probably wonder why, if it’s so easy to get pizza just strolling around, and the reason is soon found.

Since there are so many places to go to, it’s also easy to be wrong.

Local people in fact perfectly know, who does what, and how; Touring Italy, as a local company, is very happy to offer you […]

“Rolex Capri sailing week 2014”


We’ve told you in time this year, so you have no excuses! You just can’t miss it!

From the 18th to the 24th of May, Capri will be in its best shape for its beloved visitors.

If you love Capri, you love sailing; if you love sailing, you love Capri. The two go together all the time.

Make sure to be there with Touring Italy, and make the best out of your precious time.

We’ll provide you a package of “Hotel+boat+transfer+ guide” for three days (extendable) at a very reasonable price.

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“Helicopter rides from Naples”


Touring Italy wants always the best for its customers, and how could we not offer helicopter rides then?

Avoid the traffic, avoid the confusion, avoid the folks, and just be with your fellows savvy travellers up in the sky, enjoying one of the most beatiful view Italy has for you: the gulf of Naples!

Also transfers to the magic island of Capri are available,  if you’ll book through us everything becomes easier.

Touring Italy, another way to travel […]

“Mozzarella cheese: making demonstration”


While touring in Sorrento, we have always taken enough time to stop by in this magnificent farm on the top of the hill, but just two minutes away from the city center. Why? For many reasons actually.

First of all, you get to enjoy a breathtaking view of the gulf of Naples;

second, it’s really a great homemade food, and you can tell that because the whole farm it’s a family business;

third,  they produce their own oil, wine, limoncello, cheese, mozzarella cheese, ricotta, tomatoes, basel and bread, which are all going to be on your table;

last […]

“Wine tasting”


It has definitely become a popular thing to do while in Italy, and let’s just say it outloud,  it’s touristy sometimes.

The purpose of Touring Italy is exactly to avoid all the places touched by the proliferation of this phenomenon, and bring its smart visitors to the real wine making places, so they can have a unique experience.

Immerse yourself into a true Italian reality, exploring wine-producing lands on the gorgeous hills of Tuscany, rather than Amalfi coast,  Avellino or Benevento.

It’s not only about the wine, it’s a life-experience!

“Fill it up, fill […]

Cooking classes

slow food

If food is one of your biggest passion, if stepping into a fast food makes you nervous, if you think that one of Italy’s main attraction/quality is its own world-wide known food, if you have coverted yourself to the “Slow food- religion” or you simply enjoy eating healthy, delicious, tasty Italian products, Touring Italy has the right thing for you: a cooking class!

Save money, instead of eating in a regular restaurant, treat yourself with an unique experience, where you get to eat what you’ve created and be amazingly proud of yourself.

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