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“It’s time to relax”

Italy’s got numerous places to go to, if you have in mind a weekend to dedicate to yourselves. Nowadays everywhere you go you can find  a Spa, whether it’s an hotel, a resort or whatever. This just makes it even harder to choose which one deserves your time and your money. Touring Italy has always gotten your back, here we are helping you again with this difficult choice.
Let yourself be guided by Touring Italy, we’ll assure you the best the market has to offer in this matter of Spa.
Moreover, when it comes to Italy, with […]

“Florence celebrates women this weekend”


To all women on Earth: don’t miss the chance of having a free-pass ticket this weekend for Florence’s most important museums!

Touring Italy is always updated when it comes to Italy’s opportunities, one as such is definitely a good reason to visit Tuscany’s capital this weekend, even if you didn’t plan to.

Keep up with your future, keep up with Touring Italy […]

“Ravello Festival 2014”


For who’s visiting Italy this year, Touring Italy highly recommends not to miss one of the concerts that Ravello Festival has for music- lovings.

You can find available dates from March to October 2014, just pick one, and Touring Italy will help you with the arrangements, such as: tickets, transfers, hotels, and so on.

It’ll be hardly disappointing to attend to “Ravello Festival” as it takes place at this little village on the rocky Amalfi coast, definitely one of the most enchanting pearls of the area, and it also carries an high level of cultural attractiveness.

So don […]

Arabian Travel Market 2014 – Dubai, UAE

touringitaly.org arabian travel market 2014

Touring Italy is already ready for ATM 2014, the biggest event of the Tourism’s industry hosted in the Middle East.

A Marvelous location such as Dubai, will be hosting hundreds of thousands of travel experts from all over the world, that will be flying into the UAE with the usual intention of making new connections, do business, and why not, have some fun for a change!

As usual, Touring Italy will be promoting not only itself, but in the first place Italy, as a unique country in the world, that everyone should one day have access to.

We’ll […]

Capri – “Blue grotto”

The most common excursion while on the fancy island of Capri, is now available with Touring Italy, with a convenient discount for groups up  to 6 people.

Book with your friends and pay 15% less on the total amount.

It is going to be an experience totally worth it!

For more information, visit the dedicated page on our website or even contact us, we’ll be here for you.

Touring Italy wants the best for you.



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“The Sistine Chapel”


The most excellent piece of art on Earth. The most famous chapel in the world. Adjectives are never enough to describe this magnificence.

If you saw this with your own eyes, you would definitely realize, that we are not exaggeriting!

Save time and money, and most important, skip the tiresome line that preceds the entrance gate of the “Vatican museums”.

Book also your personal guide with Touring Italy.

We make your life easier.


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“St. Patrick’s day in Italy”


Who said Italians don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

Of course it’s not part of our ancient origins or roots, it’s definitely something new for us, like Halloween for example.

But who really wants to travel, finds always a good excuse to do so, right?

This year, we offer you a long weekend of three nights, at the price of two, at any major Italian city.

When you travel, do it right. Do it, with Touring Italy […]

“Carnival in Venice”


AS we’ve promised you all, Touring Italy doesn’t miss the most exclusive events of the year.
Here’s an example, through this beatiful picture, of how different is to celebrate the Carnival in Venice for once.
The luxury, the food, the art, the culture are just amazing!
You get to experience how the Italian high society used to celebrate it back in the 18th century; the ostentation, the pomp, the splendour of living in clover, reached its peak during the Carnival.
2015 is already around the corner, don’t waste time thinking about it, just book it!
Touring […]