Can we book first and then pay you?
Yes of course you can. Just get in touch with us via email or Skype and tell us what you need.
Do drivers and guides speak fluent English?
Of course they do. They have to, otherwise they wouldn’t be working for us. We want to make sure you do not miss a word, as the description of the cultural and artistic richness of this Country is so important to make your stay unforgettable.
Can we book more than one service in a row, in multiple areas of Italy?
Sure you can. There’s no place in Italy you can’t go to, or anything you can’t do that we can’t arrange for you.
Can we reassemble a couple of excursions, putting together one we like better?
Yes of course. You can do two “Half day” in a day, or shorten a day excursion, while adding some other destinations. Just visit our “Contacts” section and build your own excursion or vacation.
How do I recognize who comes at the airport, railway station, or at the port to pick us up?
Easy: you’ll find a well dressed operator holding a sign with your name on it and the logo of the company. Moreover, we do have cell phones where you can always reach us. We’re always not only on time, but also early, as we experienced early arrivals in the past that never found us late.
How can we reach you if we get lost?
As soon as you meet us, we will give you a cell phone, with a pre paid card, where you can reach us at anytime.
Does having someone always around, means we do not get time on our own?
Of course it doesn’t. We know what we do here, that would be a matter of respect. We do realize you’re on vacation, and as long as you can appreciate our company, you mostly want to spend time with your fellows; so yes you get time for resting, shopping, lunch or whatever you feel like doing on your own.
How do we pay you?
We accept bank transfers, credit cards, or cash when you get here. We do not accept checks. Thanks for understanding.
How and when we can get a re fund?
When it comes to hotels and B&B reservations, excursions, tours, vacations, transfers, museums-concert-spa tickets, restaurants- farms reservations, you can always get a re fund as long as you did not get the service you book, for any reason, and you cancel it within 48 hours before its start. For flight, train and boat tickets, re fund are not provided for any reason.
What if our flight/train/boat runs late?
We do know late arrivals and departure can happen anytime, and it’s no one’s fault, but when it’s possible, we gladly accept an alert from you. In case we do not hear from you, our staff usually waits until we do.
Is it safe to travel to Italy?
Sure it is. Italy’s a safe Country to go to and to get around. No acts of terrorism so far have happened, what really makes a difference here is people. People are nice, unselfish, charitable and always smiling.
Why do prices vary?
Because it depends on the season, the number of reservations and the economy.
What happens in case of bad weather? Do you cancel our tour?
Of course we do not. We ensure the happening of excursions and tours, in any kind of weather conditions. In case you asked us to convert it to another kind, we’d be always happy to meet your needs.
How do you guarantee us the best price on the market?
We do that by constantly checking the economy’s flow and inflation; We also compare our competitor’s prices and we always try to get cheaper providers. It’s a research that never stops and never ends.
Can you give us a discount for booking in advance or choosing more than one tour?
Yes we can definitely consider this option. By the way, you can often find special deal or offer.
Can a tour last more or less than is expected to, if we change our minds?
Yes of course you can. You can always shorten it, but also extend it for an hour for free. Extensions longer than an hour are subject to a light change in the final price.